Being Boris Johnson is not easy - especially when you aren't.

Just ask actor Will Barton, who has been bringing the controversial Prime Minister to life every night in the play The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson - the political comedy from journalist and playwright Jonathan Maitland.

The play sold out in London and Will is now touring it round the country - reaching Windsor's Theatre Royal for a week from Monday, February 10 to Saturday, February 15.

Partly set in 2029, with Boris out of power and in the political wilderness the play sees an unexpected event put him back in the spotlight with a chance 'to make Britain great again' - or not.

For Will Barton it means peroxiding his hair and learning new lines every night to make the show as up to date as possible.

But he loves the play, saying: “It is great fun and it doesn’t lecture. Interestingly, I had two friends come to see the show on the same night. One had his People’s Vote badge on and had been on a march that day; the other was a big Nigel Farage fan. They both loved it. It is something for both Leavers and Remainers. But it is also a cautionary tale that reminds us to be careful what we wish for. We are not sure that Boris got where he has at the time he wanted to be there – I’m sure he would rather be PM when there was no Brexit – but that’s the way of politics.”

Will faced a challenging time when he played the part in London.

He said: “I was juggling learning new lines with looking after my daughter and actually doing the show, but it works really well and I’m more relaxed about it this time.”

How did he become Boris?

“With all characters you have to find something that you like about them. There is almost always something that chimes with you, so with Boris I began with the fact that we both don’t always think before we speak. Neither of us is particularly politically correct and we are chaotic and untidy; quick-witted, but not intellectual. He doesn’t grasp detail particularly well and I don’t think I do."

The Theatre Royal box office number is 01753 853888.