Slough Borough Council has rejected plans for new homes in a residential area WRITES JAMES BAGLEY.

A packed room of concerned locals attended Wednesday’s planning meeting to voice their objection to the proposal of five homes being built behind 12 Lynwood Avenue with an additional house replacing number 14.

A petition with more than 370 signatures was submitted to the council protesting against the plans as it would increase noise, traffic congestion and loss of privacy, as well as the designs conflicting with the street's character of 1930s architecture.

People were also worried it would send the wrong message to future applicants and could lead to overdevelopment.

Speaking against the application, Councillor Rajinder S. Sandhu said: “We should not set a precedent to allow this development so that all the other towns don’t go through the same procedure.

“We have to also consider the health reasons and the happiness [of the locals] so that the residents can enjoy their homes free of any fear.”

Matt Taylor, the applicant, argued the site would not damage Lynwood’s character as the new homes would be tucked away from the street view and won’t affect residents' traffic concerns, such as off-road parking, as these are existing problems.

Mr Taylor also stated the site would make a financial contribution to highway improvements which would benefit residents - and the new homes would support local housing needs.

Previous planning applications were brought to the council in 2003 and 2004 but were refused for similar reasons.

Councillor Preston Brooker said: “This is probably one of the biggest set of objections I have ever seen.

“I have always opposed building houses in people’s gardens, and I will continue to oppose such developers because we do not want them.”