A homeless man who lay fatally injured in Slough High Street on Christmas Day as passers-by assumed he was sleeping had been 'consumed by mental health issues' his grief stricken family has revealed.

Phillip Deans died in hospital on Boxing Day - he had suffered a lethal blow to the back of his head. A man has been charged with murder.

Phillip was a familiar member of the homeless community in Slough, known for helping others who were also living on the street. His death shocked many people, leading to an outburst of grief on social media.

Now his family have added their own tribute, saying: "On Boxing Day 2019, our family said goodbye to our son, brother, uncle and friend, Phillip Deans.

“He was a vibrant member of any community he was a part of; he always sought to do right by those who he connected with, and would always leave a good impression.

“He was, much like many of us, consumed by mental health issues but it never changed the way he loved. He is going to be sorely missed by his family, his friends, and the wider community.

“It is never wrong to seek help. It is fundamental to our society that we recognise these things and push forward.

“This is what Phil would have wanted.”