Vibrant 31-year-old Asa Marshal has never let being born with the condition Cerebral Palsy stop her from facing challenges.

Now her story is one of several told in a documentary film being showcased in the Medicine Gallery on level one of the Science Museum in London - where it will remain for the next 25 years.

Asa, who lives in Farnham Common, said: "I was born with Cerebral Palsy which means I find it difficult to use my limbs properly and use a wheelchair to get around.

"I have been involved in a project called 'Our NHS' for around a year and a half which celebrates the NHS's 70th birthday and documents the stories of people who the NHS has helped over the years.

"The NHS have supported me with special shoes, wheelchairs, a surgery etc, since I was born so I was chosen to be filmed to create a short documentary speaking about my experience."

The film was made Neena Sohal and Rinku Mitra and Asa was one of 10 or so contributors who met over a two or three year period to talk about their experiences.

Asais the daughter of the late Aksa Marshal - the much missed founder of the Meet and Mingle charity, which brought together ladies from across Slough helping them to make friends and share outings.

Asa followed in her mother's footsteps by setting up her own charity Achieving Strong Aims, which supports those 18 years old and above with disabilities. Her group organises monthly seminars on a range of topics, ranging from cooking to IT skills.

She has thoroughly enjoyed being part of a documentary about the NHS, saying: "The filming was great fun. We filmed in London on different locations and it was fascinating seeing the different locations and camera angles

"When I was offered the chance to be part of it I just thought 'wow'."