Hand embellished prints by internationally-renowned Brazilian painter Romero Britto are on display at a Windsor gallery.

The artwork is being showcased at Castle Fine Art at Windsor Royal Station from Monday until Saturday, February 21.

‘Brazilian‐born and Miami‐made’, Britto established his distinct style at the age of 20 after he travelled to Paris and became inspired by Picasso and Matisse. This trip gave rise to his characteristic aesthetic - bright and bold pop art creations.

Today, his work is widely celebrated. Having exhibited in 30 countries across four continents he has collaborated with some of the most famous global brands including Coca-Cola, Bentley and Disney.

He said: “Art can make you look at something in an exciting and totally different way. It can give you the power to fly.”

Clare White-Thompson, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art said: “Romero’s feel-good art is filled with warmth, optimism and love, so it’s no surprise that it is recognised all over the world.

“The opportunity to see the exhibition is one not to be missed and we can’t wait to welcome visitors to the gallery to learn about his collections and appreciate the artwork in person.”