A half of a million pound government grant has helped Slough Council encourage residents to 'get on their bikes'.

The council's sustainable transport team 'Better by' aims to increase the amount of exercise people get, while reducing the number of cars on the road and their C02 emissions.

The team works with schools, businesses, faith and cycle groups to discourage the use of private transport through its projects like the cycle hire scheme for residents and commuters.

Its work sufficiently impressed the Department of Transport for it to make £1.5 million available through the department's Access Fund for Sustainable Travel fund.

Misha Byrne, Slough Council's senior transport planner, said: “This cash injection gives the sustainable transport team the security to carry on with vital projects in the borough which make all residents' lives better.

“The team has worked hard for the past three years to change behaviours and the positive results happening in the borough has resulted in more funding to continue this work.”

Councillor Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environment service, said: “Changing people’s habits is a hard job, but trying to get people out of their cars and using bikes, public transport or walking, has a positive impact on the borough as a whole.

“The extra money granted will continue the good work by the Better by team.”