A gleaming new set of kitchen utensils was brightening life at Slough's homeless shelter this week - presented in memory of a much missed supporter.

Friends of Paul Janik - the former councillor and the man behind the internet blog Slough Times - had raised money to pay for his recent funeral. When they found £1,100 left over they decided to donate it to the day centre run by the town's homeless charity SHOC, a favourite cause of Mr Janik's.

Regulars using the centre watched on Tuesday as a new set of pots and pans bought by the money was formally unveiled in the presence of SHOC's head of services Mandy Maguire, trustee Alan Madge and Mr Janik's friend Sharon O'Reilly who helped organise his funeral.

A picture of Mr Janik with a pound coin embedded in it sat on the table as Ms O'Reilly explained: "Paul would always give you his last pound and this picture shows that."

A welcome £878 has also been placed in SHOC's bank account, thanks to the funeral fund.

The SHOC day centre is open six days a week at the Quaker Meeting house in Ragstone Road, Slough. It is open 9.30am to 1.30pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm Saturday.

Homeless guests can have hot food, a shower and use laundry facilities - while finding companionship and support.

Mandy Maguire, the head of services, has worked for SHOC for 18 years and says it is there to help homeless people help themselves.

She said: "Every guest here has the answer to their problems within themselves. Our job is to help them get on with life and off the streets on the road to independence."

The day centre always needs donations - clothes being particularly welcome, including jeans, T shirts and body warmers

Health coach Lee Anderson, one of four staff members at SHOC, said: "Tents are also welcome. Many homeless people live in tents, which can easily be ruined and can rot in torrential downpours."

Some homeless people even have their tents vandalised by mean attackers.

Volunteers play a vital part in in the life of the Day Centre.

The new cutlery was being well used on Tuesday as Patrick Mudalige - director of food and beverage at Heathrow's London Sofitel Hotel - and his team arrived to cook for the day's homeless visitors.