A ghouish experience awaited friends and family of pupils at St Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School as they watched them act, sing and dance their way through the musical The Addams Family over three nights.

The show featured a ghoulish family headed by Gomez and Morticia played by Hamza Adel and Nishi Kouvvuri whose daughter Wednesday played by Isla Shields falls for a nice normal young man.

When his family come round to dinner with the ghouls the fun starts.

The Addams family have delighted generations through comics, a television series and in films. Now the hit Broadway musical about them has been made available for schoolchildren to perform and youngsters at St Edwards School in Parsonage Lane gave their all.

The show's director and stage designer St Edwards’ science teacher Andrew Mackenzie said: "Every night, the audiences were cheering, laughing and foot-tapping their way through the evening and you can’t ask for more than that."

Mr Mackenzie was supported by Janos Fabian, the musical director and a team of teachers and parents who made costumes, styled hair, rouged faces and choreographed the cast.