Legendary record producer and DJ Andrew Weatherall died early this morning at the age of 56.

Windsor born Andrew, who produced the band Primal Scream's legendary 1991 album Screamadelica, died at Whipps Cross Hospital, London.

A statement from his PR agency said: "The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. He was being treated in hospital but unfortunately the blood clot reached his heart. His death was swift and peaceful.

"His family and friends are profoundly saddened by his death and are taking time to gather their thoughts. Further announcements regarding funeral arrangements will be made in due course."

Andrew was a key figure in the acid house movement of the late 1980s, founding the record label Boy's Own Recordings and the production outfit Bocca Juniors.

As well as producing Screamadelica, he was acclaimed for his remixes of Happy Mondays' Hallelujah, New Order's World In Motion and Primal Scream's Loaded.

He was a leader again in the 1990s pioneering the trip-hop sound with his production on Beth Orton's breakthrough album Trailer Park.

He continued to work as a DJ and producer until his death.

He once described his love of DJing as 'vampyric', joking that it enabled him to experience again the pleasure of hearing a record for the first time by watching the reaction of his audience.

He always thought fondly of Windsor as his home town. He sang with a band at Windsor Arts Centre when he was 18 - returning to the centre 25 years later as a legendary figure to be part of the weekend long Joe Strummer Festival.

It was an amazing weekend of music, film and theatre held in memory of the Clash's lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist - with Andrew adding his star presence DJing alongside the Clash's official Clash tour DJ Barry Scratchy Myers.

In an interview he once described how he began his working life in Windsor as a furniture porter, carrying heavy leather Chesterfields on his head up three flights of stairs.

He remembered coming to London and buying the outrageous clothes sold by designer Leigh Bowery in Kensington market - and trying to sell them to people in Windsor, where he joked only his mum and friends would buy them.