This is the moment a man discovered a vibrating sex toy lying in a puddle in the street - after it had been apparently thrown out of a Maidenhead hotel window.

A taxi driver said he saw the sex toy flying through the air having been flung by a seemingly unsatisfied guest at the Travelodge in the town.

Shortly afterwards a 33-year-old office worker then found it broken in half - but still shaking - on the pavement below, and took a funny video.

He said: "I was with a colleague walking out to lunch and saw the rabbit on the floor, broken in half but still vibrating.

"I started to video the dildo lying on the pavement and there was a man in a taxi nearby laughing.

"He confirmed he saw it drop from a window of the Travelodge which is the opposite to the direction I filmed.

"The road is residential with a few offices on one side and we did see some older people walk past it from the window later sadly!

"When I left work at the end of the day, I saw it was still there but was now lying in a puddle.

"My uncle rang me after I posted the images on Instagram and we had a lengthy discussion about what we thought had happened.

"His guess is that the boyfriend booked a hotel and brought it as a surprise for the Mrs for Valentine's Day.

"It was definitely a surprise to find it on the street and gave us all a good laugh regardless!"

The clip was filmed in Bell Street on February 13.