PROTESTERS have been called to rally at next week’s Royal Borough Council meeting to oppose massive cuts.

The Frimley Health Foundation Trust division of UNISON, one of the biggest UK trade unions, want locals to protest the controversial scrapping of the advantage card, increasing costs to residents parking and reducing bus subsidies next Tuesday (February 25) outside Maidenhead Town Hall at 6:30pm.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council has been under-fire for cutting services in order to make a balanced budget for this year.

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Deborah Foster, UNISON Frimley Health branch secretary, said: “UNISON are firmly opposed to cuts to local services, due to mismanagement and the affect of austerity measures from Tory central government.

“The proposed cuts are short-sighted, will have series consequences to the high-street and impact the poorest and most vulnerable residents the most.

“To remove resident discounts and increase resident parking costs at the same time as removing bus subsidies just doesn’t make any sense and our much loved arts centre and children services are also under threat.

“We want the council to reconsider these proposals and listen to their electorate.”

A spokesperson for the council didn’t want to comment.

Councillors will meet at Maidenhead Town Hall to vote on this year’s budget as well as increasing council tax by 1.99 percent.