PROPOSED new homes have been refused by Slough councillors who unanimously agreed to block plans to demolish 28 Shaggy Calf Lane - with two semi-detached houses with two bedrooms each being constructed on the land instead.

Six public parking bays and private car parking at the rear of the buildings with access from neighbouring Grasmere Avenue were also proposed to be included with the houses.

Councillors met on Wednesday (February 19) and were recommended by planning officers to refuse the application as the new homes would conflict with the street's character as well as creating a cramped form of development which would overdevelop the site.

Residents also expressed concerns on the increase of traffic, the loss privacy and exclaimed mistrust to the developer as they claimed they haven’t kept their conditions of planting trees from a previous approved planning permission.

The agent, Nicola Broderick, argued the impact of the characteristics of Shaggy Calf Lane is subjective and assured residents tree planting would take place on the landscaped area.

She also emphasised these homes would contribute to Slough’s increasing demand for houses and residents should take every advantage of new development to meet the need.

Speaking against the plans, councillor Sabia Akram, deputy leader of the council, said: “The applicant has chosen to demolish the home completely and probably had no intention of keeping with the original application.

“There’s a lot of mistrust from residents that they haven’t upheld the original application and, in all fairness, residents were protective of that particular corner block and the hope it be reinstated into a family home.”