Students at Haybrook College in Burnham Lane joined the construction industry for a day when a team from Osborne Property Services came to visit last week.

The Osborne company works closely with Slough Borough Council and some students were given a chance to try out their skills as architects, project managers, site managers and builders under the watchful eyes of the visitors.

Some students were allowed to view a construction made of blocks, before relaying the information to their colleagues who had not seen it so they could create their own replica.

Claire Giacobbe, Osborne’s community investment manager, said there was a variety of ways in which the students allowed to view the construction communicated to their ‘blind’ colleagues.

She said: “The students used different tactics to relay the information back to their colleagues who had not seen what they were being expected to build.

“Some used drawings while others worked out which blocks and how many of them they needed.

“The students were animated, engaged and enjoyed this mini project which meant they really had to use instinctive tactics due to the time pressure they were under."

Osborne was just one of several companies and organisations who came up with projects designed to give students a taste of the work place during the day.