The nightmare finally ended this morning for residents of Foundry Court, Slough - when the water finally went on again last night almost five days after a damaged pump shut off the supply to 162 flats.

Yesterday morning saw youthful volunteers from the Slough charity Aik Saath carry 200 litres of water up the stairs to help older residents trapped without water in blocks where the lifts were not working.

Aik Saath is a charity that brings together Slough's young people of all ages and faiths. Their chief executive who accompanied them to the flats said that about 35 young people were involved iun the water delivery aged from 12 to 17.

He said: "We heard about it and moved very quickly. There are so many issues involving the Coronavirus and everybody wants to do something to help.

"This was simple though. People needed water and we were able to bring them some."

This morning resident Antony Quarrell said that everyone was relieved the water was back and that staff from the management company Hazelvine and their contractors Clearwater had been helpful, delivering water while they installed the new pump yesterday.

He said: "This has brought us all together as a community - people of all walks of life and backgrounds. We have seen real community spirit. We kept each other updated and shared information via our block WhatsApp group chat (which acquired new members as the incident progressed).

"And when water was delivered to the block residents were keen that it was shared out to residents equally."

He said residents will now be aiming to recover their costs - for water, hot meals and hotel bills incurred. His own hotel bill with his wife and baby came to over £250 for four nights.