A device to end the nuisance of unwanted phone calls and the menace of scam callers is being made available to Royal Borough residents free of charge.

The council’s trading standards team have fitted over 20 blockers in the last four months, including one for a vulnerable resident and their partner who lost £400,000 through scam phone calls.

Nationally almost 1,000 blockers have been installed, preventing 99 per cent of scam and nuisance calls.

Statistics reveal that 40 per cent of all incoming calls received are unwanted.

Cllr David Cannon, lead member for public protection and parking on the Royal Borough, said: “These call blockers, which are free to borough residents, provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind when the phone rings.

“Unfortunately, scam telephone calls are common, but this system can almost entirely eliminate this issue which many have been affected by.

“Anyone can apply for a blocker subject to basic assessment criteria. The blocker doesn’t just help the resident, but data is fed back to the National Trading Standards Team for investigation into the actual numbers and businesses making the calls.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to protect our vulnerable residents from unwanted phone calls.”

The call blockers are available now and residents can find out more information and apply for a call blocker for themselves or someone else, with permission by visiting https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/callblocker.