“WE don’t care” said a few people who were told to disperse by police officers at Salt Hill Park.

Thames Valley Police officers described the scene as “like a bank holiday” after irresponsible families were seen using play areas, friends meeting in parks and children using playground and exercise equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Slough Borough Council is now warning residents to follow government guidance and stay at home to try and reduce the risk and spread of Covid-19 or else they may have to close their green parks.

The police now have the authority to issue unlimited fines to people disregarding the law starting at £30.

The council’s parks including Salt Hill are available to allow locals access green spaces during the one time per day they are allowed out of their homes for walks or a run.

All play areas, green gyms and leisure areas are closed after a direct order from the government as the country attempts to fight the deadly virus.

The government has told people to stay in their homes unless they are shopping for essential food or medicine, for essential travel to work and essential care for the vulnerable.

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Josie Wragg, chief executive, said: “We are dismayed that some residents think they are exempt from the government rulings to stay at home and think they won’t get, or won’t pass on, this illness. They could catch this horrible virus and pass it on to their family and friends.

“Our amazing green parks are open to be used by our residents to take essential exercise but our green gyms and play parks are firmly closed.

“However, if a small minority of people do not respect everyone’s right to stay safe then we will need to close our green parks too.

“Police have been given new powers by the government to disperse and fine people who are flouting these really important Covid-19 rules. We ask residents to respect them for the good of our whole community.”