RESIDENTS have been asked to #bekind by Slough Borough Council to their staff members during the coronavirus outbreak.

The council wants to remind locals to not direct any abuse to their workers as they continue to carry out essential work across the borough during the public health crisis.

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Critical services such as waste, recycling and green bin collections are continuing as normal, as well as street cleaning, grounds maintenance, emergency road maintenance and clearance.

Residents have also been asked to practise social distancing measures when they see the council’s staff working and carrying out to deliver essential work.

Parking enforcement has been relaxed in Slough, but traffic wardens will still enforce tickets and notices to those who park dangerously and obstructively which blocks traffic or emergency service vehicles from getting to where they need to be.

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Josie Wragg, chief executive, said: “Please respect the valuable work which all Slough Borough Council staff are doing in the community.

“Please let them get on with their work and keep two metres away from them wherever possible.

“We have taken the decision to relax our parking enforcement across the borough due to the number of people working from home and lower amounts of traffic on the roads.

“Staff are having to adapt to an ever changing situation to continue to provide services and deserve to be treated with respect while to help residents.

“We expect residents to also treat the parking attendants with respect and not to abuse those who are keeping the roads clear for all residents and emergency services.”