THAMES Valley Police stopped over one hundred cars in the Royal Borough during the weekend to check if they were necessary journeys or key workers.

A post on the Thames Valley Police Windsor and Maidenhead (TVPWM) Facebook page found only one per cent of those stopped did not fit into those categories and were driving somewhere to do exercise.

TVPWM said they were “really pleased” to see a huge amount of the general public following this guidance but reminded residents to keep the roads clear for emergency services and key workers.

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The government announced the public are allowed only one piece of exercise a day whether that be a walk or run, but unnecessary travel should not be taken.

On their Facebook post, they said: “We’re really pleased to see the vast majority of members of the public following the national guidance around temporary restricted movements.

“Those who were not following guidance were often driving somewhere to do exercise. The guidance says we are all able to do one piece of exercise a day, but unnecessary journeys shouldn’t be taken. We need to keep the roads clear for key workers, emergency services and to prevent the spread of Covid-19 any further.

“Please do stay at home. We appreciate your walk round the block may not be as enjoyable as a walk or run around Virgina Water or along The Long Walk, but that small change may make a big difference. These measures are only temporary and really will save lives.”

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On Thursday, emergency legislation granted police new powers to issue £60 on the spot fines or even make arrests if they don’t comply with the new coronavirus guidance.

£120 can be imposed for second time offenders with those of don’t pay the fine could be taken to court where magistrates can impose an unlimited fine.