It takes more than a nationwide lockdown to stop Old Windsor beavers from taking on a wide range of activities - and they did it without leaving their homes.

Their leaders Emma and Dave Wood, of Burfield Road, have kept sending them challenges through their private Facebook group - designed to keep them motivated and inspired.

The first challenge was to make a scout badge using any items or materials they could find in their homes or gardens.

The entries flooded in.

Emma said: "We want to help them feel that being Beavers is still very part of their lives even in these strange times. We want them to know that isolation doesn’t have to mean being isolated.”

Cillian, six, said: “I loved the challenge this week. I was going to use pasta but mum said it was too precious, so I used stickle bricks instead.”

Their second challenge set by Dave was for them to build a raft using twigs and sticks. When they post the pictures and videos on the Facebook group, they are awarded a Virtual Badge.

Dave said: “It’s fun thinking up these challenges for the beavers to do at home. We’ve got quite a few lined up for the next few weeks, including an interesting one to take the place of our planned sleepover at Easter.”

Beaver scout mum Jane Whitehorn said: “I love these challenges the beaver leaders are setting. It keeps the boys involved with their beaver scout activities and is a change from school work and videos.”