A mum-to-be who first launched her Crèche Fit exercise and fitness classes in Windsor back in 2016 to allow busy mothers to exercise without the need for childcare, is taking them online during the lockdown.

Creche Fit first launched when Louise Wilcockson was five months pregnant with her son. It began with 76 clients and has continued to grow since then, with classes opening in Maidenhead at the beginning of 2019.

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, and the need for social distancing, Crèche Fit From Home has evolved into an online hub where mums and mums-to-be all around the UK can gain support not only from fitness and parenting experts, but also from one another

Louise said: “Being a new mum can be lonely under ‘normal’ circumstances, but when you’re limited in how much social interaction you’re allowed, things can rapidly become overwhelming.

"That’s why I wanted to make it as easy as possible for mums to keep moving safely, meet other mums, feel supported and generally have some much-needed fun."

To find out more, contact Louise on 07515 165096 or visit https://www.crechefit.co.uk/virtual-classes