Graphic designer Jasmeet Dial has had a 'knockout' of a time on our television screens this week - and tomorrow (Friday) viewers will find out whether the Langley based dad has made it into the semi-finals of this year's MasterChef competition.

Jasmeet, 37, is married with two daughters. He is passionate about Indian food and impressed superchef judges Greg Wallace and John Torode with his three different aubergine dishes - leading to his making it to the hit TV show's Knockout week on BBC-1.

Viewers on Wednesday saw him picked along with four other amateur chefs to do a stint in the flagship restaurant of 2015 Masterchef champion Simon Wood.

The shows were recorded weeks ago of course - and now Jasmeet and his family are 'locked down' watching the show on TV like everybody else. He is sworn to secrecy about how it all turns out.

He said: "My daughters are two and seven. My youngest is too young to understand and my oldest daughter did not believe it until she saw me on screen.

"The show will not change my life as I already have a career. But I hope it will add to it."

His most stressful time on the show that we have seen so far was when he and four other contestants did their brief stint at Simon Wood's restaurant, to be seen in tomorrow's show.

He said: "It was the build up and all the prepping when we got there. But it was a great experience."

Jasmeet has been a senior graphic designer at Synergy Vision since August 2019.