A family in Langley have shown their support for our ailing Prime Minister by putting up a banner in their front garden wishing him well.

IT consultant Rafi Ahmad was so upset when he saw on the news that Boris Johnson was in intensive care that he decided to do something positive.

He and his wife Atia with their children Rohan, 17, Zachariah, six and Urshiya, two spent two hours this morning assembling an eight foot high structure in their front garden consisting of the UK flag and a placard stating 'we are praying for you Boris'.

Other messages read 'please pray for our wonderful Prime Minister' and 'love for all, hatred for none' - the motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association that Rafi belongs to.

Rafi said: "All the neighbours came out to see it. There was a great deal of emotion. It really helped create a community spirit'.