HERE is the latest round-up of the most interesting planning applications within Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead.

This week’s edition comprises of a generational family home being demolished, offices to be converted into flats and a garage to be demolished to make room for a detached house.

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Generations of family members rebuild family house to continue their connection in the future. Wildflower Friary Island Old Ferry Drive Wraysbury (20/00487/FULL).

Planning officers approved plans to demolish the existing Wildflower house to erect a two-storey three-bedroom house and associated landscape works.

The current elevated house has two bedrooms and was constructed in the inter-war period where the family has owned the property since the 1940s.

Historic and recent floodings have plagued the families house where they now seek to demolish the house for it to be constructed at a secure level.

To combat flooding, the proposed house will be constructed with a raised ground floor at +18.63 AOD, which is 600mm above the 1 in 100 +35% climate change allowance flood level with the soffit of the slab 150mm above the climate change allowance flood level. Therefore the building will be safe from flooding for its lifetime.

This proposed house will be constructed in timber frame on a flood-proof concrete table supported on concrete columns. The front corners will be marked with L-shaped walls in terra-cotta blocks laid with an perforated bond to create a traditionally solid appearance to the house.

Despite being raised, the overall height of the house is kept low.

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Four houses with four bedrooms to be constructed in land adjacent to Broom House, Langley, Slough (S/00744/000)

The plans have been approved where the homes will  come with associated both car and cycle parking, refuse stores and landscaping.

Each home will have their own private garden with open space to give the homes a ‘strong sense of place’.

All houses will be two storeys high with pitched roofs and all habitable rooms achieve and exceed national minimum space.

The first floor has four bedrooms with both doubles and one single room featuring ensuites, with the remaining single near the main bathroom with fully adaptable future shower provision.

A large cedar tree will remain the centre as it is deemed ‘significant’ which prevents it from being cut down or damaged.

Additional car parking spaces will made available to existing residents of the Broom House flats at Reddington Drive.

The applicant said: “The proposals for the site at Broom House aim to promote a high-quality of both design and living, while rejuvenating a significantly under-utilised, brownfield garage site that has suffered from moderate disrepair. The scheme seeks to fully develop the opportunity to meet the affordable, family housing needs of local council tenants.”

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Changing offices into six flats at 235, Farnham Road, Slough (F/00378/027)

The proposed flats are on the second and third floors of the Complete Party Services building and would be accessed using the existing entrance and staircase.

The site is located within the Farnham Road shopping centre and eight car parking spaces have been proposed to the rear of the building and cycle storage in connection with the proposed change of use.

Plans were resubmitted following submission and approval back in January 2014 to deal four issues before the applicant can make this ‘change’ occur.

All officers in highways and transport, contamination, flooding, and environmental noise have not objected and are generally find the amendments made ‘acceptable’ for the plans to go ahead.

No changes have been made to the previously approved drawings.

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Changing a large house of multiple occupancy to two 2-bedroom houses and two 1-bedroom flats at 196 Clewer Hill Road Windsor (19/02098/FULL)

The approved plans will see a reduction of the existing eight-bedroom house of multiple occupancy changed to six bedrooms, a reduction of two bedrooms and with car parking to standard. The proposal will result in an additional four dwellings to the council’s housing land supply.

A single storey front extension, two storey side extension, first floor rear extension, alterations to fenestration, new vehicular access, associated parking and landscaping with bin and cycle storage will included.

Amendments have been made where private gardens have been replaced with a single communal amenity space, private bin and storage areas are now communal and more space for tree planting and greenery has been added.

There are several protected trees close to the site, but planning officers believe the plans will not cause harm to them or the character and appearances of the area.

Concerned residents have objected to the plans saying this development would lead to a loss of light, privacy, trees and an increase of noise.

One household said: “Consequently, the concerns we raised in our previous letter remain and we assume that our previous objection remains valid. We strongly oppose the two-storey extension and first floor extension.”

But in the officer’s report, they said the building already overlooks rear gardens of properties in Tyrell Gardens, and is unlikely the development will cause any significant of light, views or privacy.

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Demolishing a garage to make room for one detached house with three bedrooms at 2 And Land At 2 Westfield Road Maidenhead (20/00455/FULL)

Plans have been approved for developers to demolish an existing garage and erect one 3 bedroom detached house.

The current site consists of a two-storey detached dwelling and garage on a wide plot at the junction of Westfield Road and Allenby Road.

The proposed house will have an entrance hall, cloakroom, utility room, living room, a study and a kitchen/dining room overlooking the garden on the ground floor together with three bedrooms, two bathrooms & a laundry room on the first floor.

It will retain its large rear garden with a depth of approximately 14.5m.

A driveway can park at least two vehicles has also been proposed.

The applicant said: “The type, style and size of the proposed dwelling is considered to respect the character of the surrounding area and is based on principles of good urban design.”