SLOUGH’S MP has revealed his heartbreak at being unable to carry his beloved grandmother’s coffin at her funeral – after she passed away with coronavirus

On April 24, Tan Dhesi announced on social media in a heartfelt tribute post that the ‘matriarch’ of his family had passed away, adding that she was the “glue” that binds their extended family together.

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The MP apologised to friends and family who could not say the final goodbyes she ‘richly deserves’ at her funeral that day due to the social distancing restrictions.

He said: “We bid our final farewell today to my grandmother (who sadly contracted Covid-19) – the matriarch of the family, a formidable personality, who was the glue binding together our extended family.

“From feeding, scolding and advising us, she was forever at the heart of things. Personally, I learnt so much from my long weekly discussions with her and my grandfather, putting the world to rights, and will miss her dearly.

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“Travesty is we couldn’t even carry her coffin on our shoulders, couldn’t mourn collectively with family and friends, and give her the befitting send-off she so richly deserved.

“Apologies to her and all those we couldn’t invite to the funeral. May she RIP.”