A mother of three living in a Slough Council owned house with leaking ceilings and mould on the walls is finding lockdown particularly difficult.

Deanne Davis, 40, lives at St Andrews Way, Cippenham,

She says the family's problems started three years ago with a small leak. Now she says water is coming through her loft, her kitchen, her dining room ceilings and the ceiling of a bedroom shared by two of her sons.

She said: "My children wake up sneezing and coughing with eyes streaming. We have buckets all over the house to catch the water - the house is full of mould.

"I used to be able to send the children to relatives for a while - now we can't because of the lockdown.

"My son became desperate at one point and just ran outside to try and get away."

She has three children - Joheim, 18, Jayquane, 16 and Andre, six - two of them asthmatic and says she has been trying for years to get the council to sort the house's problems out.

A statement from Slough Council blamed the leaks on 'the installation without approval of a Velux window to create an unauthorised loft conversion'.

It said: "Any damage resulting from this installation is the financial responsibility of the tenant. The council has requested the current tenant remove the window and return it to the previous condition since 2011."

Mrs Davis says the window was there when she moved in and had presumably been put in by a previous tenant. All she did was put in a staircase so the loft could be used for storage, which she removed at the council's request and had nothing to do with the leak

The council statement admitted one of its inspections had caused damage but said the tenant had been compensated and that no leak from anywhere other than the loft has been found.

Mrs Davis responded to that with disbelief, saying the leaks are everywhere.

She said: "What about the leak in the kitchen? I have been reporting it for years and it never gets fixed. I don't care about compensation. I would rather live in decent conditions with my children."

Mark Montaldo, solicitor and director at CEL Solicitors who have taken up Mrs Davis' case said: "Many of the families we are currently helping including Deanne have lived with these issues for years before seeking legal advice, despite repeatedly asking for help from their landlords."