LOCATION data complied by Google from users’ smartphones has been published to help public health officials understand how people’s behavioural movements have changed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 Community Mobility report – published by the tech giant – used data from people who have opted-in to their location history with Google, which is off by default, to see if UK citizens are adhering to the government’s lockdown procedures by staying at home where possible and practise social distancing.

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The latest paper dated April 26 showed a 69 per cent decline of Slough residents visiting retail stores and recreation such as shopping centres, museums, movie theatres, etc.

The data shows a 63 per cent decline of locals using public transport such as buses and trains.

Visits to grocery and pharmacy shops saw a 34 per cent drop with travel to workplaces at nearly fifty per cent decline.

However, visits to Slough parks have seen a 24 per cent increase after a huge dip about mid-April with visits to residential areas slowly rising at 29 per cent since March 15.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on March 23 for everyone to stay at home and only go out for essential food, medicine, travel, and exercise to prevent spread of the coronavirus.