Two six-year-old cousins are busy making rainbows - to help find a cure for brain tumours.

Eddie Freear, of Bridle Road, Furze Platt, Maidenhead and his cousin Jessica in Somerset were upset when a family friend Oli Pendrey, 34, was diagnosed only weeks before his third child was born.

Oli, from Bath, experienced a seizure whilst driving, just a couple of months before his third child was due and tests revealed that he had a tumour in his brain.

Eddie, a pupil at St Mary’s Primary School in Cookham Road and Jessica are now busy colouring in rainbows which they are sending out to friends, asking them to do the same and make a donation to Brain Tumour Research.

Eddie’s mother Claire said: “We know the Pendrey family well through my husband Andrew, and were shocked when Oli was diagnosed with a brain tumour especially as he was due to become a dad for the third time just weeks later.

“Jessica and Eddie decided they wanted to do their bit for Brain Tumour Research and are creating 26 rainbows for friends to display in their windows. They are asking everyone to make a donation to the charity and then create their own rainbows to share with friends and family – a bit like the old-fashioned chain letter idea.”

Oli said: “I was so touched to hear what Jessica and Eddie are doing, not just because it’s for a cause so close to my heart, but also for the joy they are bringing to people when they receive a rainbow and to those who spot one of these rainbows displayed in a window.”

To donate to Jessica and Eddie’s rainbow fundraising go to

Pictures Courtesy of Brain Tumour Research