Road markings are not usually very inspiring.

But drivers on Slough's roads at the moment are being faced with a series of rainbow markings designed to remind them how much we all owe to the inspiring work being done every day by courageous NHS staff.

Wilson and Scott - Slough Borough Council's road marking contractors - have marked six key roads with a rainbow motif and the logo saying Thank You NHS.

They have done this for free after being approached by Slough Borough Council.

They have done the markings outside Wexham Park Hospital and on five other key 'gateway' roads - The Bath Road at J7 (near the mini garage) and J5 (near the Marriot hotel) of the M4, Tuns Lane opposite the firestation, Farnham Road outside St Anthony’s and Uxbridge Road.

A statement from the council said: "In this way we are not only thanking everyone working at the hospital, but also all the NHS organisations which support our residents – the CCG, SCAS – and all our residents who work for the hospital and in all those organisations.

"We hope people enjoy seeing the markings – knowing we are representing their feelings – and that all the staff of the NHS know that our keyworker family stand with, supports and thanks their keyworker family."