A 'SCRUB hub' making non-surgical gowns for hospital workers has become known among its members as Sally's Sew and Sews.

Sally Beer is a sewing teacher who wanted to contribute to helping key workers when lockdown came in.

She heard about the Scrubs Glorious Scrubs campaign launched by Ascot fashion designer and former Royal Borough councillor Lynda Yong to organise armies of sewers to make 2,000 non-surgical scrub gowns.

Sally, who lives just outside Winkfield at Chavey Down offered herself as a hub - sending out an email to friends.

Within days thanks to Facebook and the local sewing group grapevine she had well over 100 wanting to help.

Sewing machines were dusted off by seamstresses raring to go and packs of pre cut fabric, instructions, tapes and elastic were delivered to Windsor, Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot and further afield so that the volunteers could do their work while safely isolated at home.

“Sally's Sew and Sews” have been inundated with donations of beautiful fabric along the way. These have included donations from charity shops, Lynda Yong in Ascot and from John Lewis. Buckinghamshire Freemasons provided the means to purchase a vast array of brightly coloured fabric bringing a fun element to the scrub design.

By the beginning of the month Sally's sew and sews had contributed well over 500 scrubs.

She said: "Some of the scrubs had little notes put in them to wish the wearers well which added a nice personal touch."