Parents, guardians and carers in Slough have received a letter outlining plans for a partial return to school in the borough next month

It is signed by the council's chairman of learning and skills Cate Duffy, as well as by leaders of the borough's Primary Headteachers Association and Association of Secondary Headteachers.

The letter confirms that heads are working with the council to bring children back to school before the summer holidays - although learning at home and support in school for key workers' children, children with special needs or who have a social worker will continue.

The government has said that June 1 is a possible date, for nursery, reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils to return to school and some Year 10 and Year 12, but this is not a definite date.

Many schools in Slough have said they will not be welcoming more children into school until June 8 at the earliest.

The letter says: "Please do not send your children to school unless your child’s school has contacted you directly to offer a place.

"The offer to return to school may need to be part time. This means your child may be offered a place just for the morning or the afternoon or just for one or two days a week, but some schools may be able to offer more.

"Please understand that what works in one school will not work in another, some schools will be able to welcome more children, or more year groups than others. Your child’s school will always be acting in the best interests of your child and your family."