‘HE PUSHED the boundaries too far’ said Slough’s Conservative leader on the Prime Minister’s top adviser breaking lockdown rules.

Dominic Cummings, chief advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, revealed he had ‘no regrets’ about driving nearly 300 miles to County Durham from London in March despite lockdown rules during yesterday’s televised briefing.

He claims he stayed at a cottage on his parents’ farm on March 27 for his relatives to look after his four-year-old son while his wife was ill and showing Covid-19 symptoms.

Mr Cummings later fell ill and showed coronavirus symptoms a day later.

He later stated that he had driven 30 minutes from his parents’ farm to Barnard Castle on Easter Sunday (April 12) in an effort to ‘test’ his eyesight in order to return back to London – which he did with his family a day later.

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Calls have been made by the public, the opposition and some Conservative MPs for Mr Cummings – who helped draw up the lockdown rules – to resign for making the car journey four days after the lockdown was announced and has been accused of double standards.

Councillor Wayne Strutton (Haymill and Lynch Hill), leader of the opposing Conservative party, believes Dominic Cummings should resign and apologise for his actions.

He said: “I think he’s pushed the boundaries too far.

“People need to look at their own actions as well – but I think Cummings is wrong and Boris stood by too much on this one. I understand why Cummings did it and I think most people can understand why – but understanding doesn’t make it right.

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“He should’ve apologised and should’ve chose some contrition and done something to show that.

“For me, driving 250 miles is 150 miles too far.”

He added: “People who break social distancing rules need to be responsible for their own actions and Dominic needs to accept the responsibility for his actions and now the way it has dragged on – I think he should go.

“He shouldn’t be the No.1 aide at No.10 now – but I think those reporters pushing and jostling each other outside his house should be punished as well because that behaviour during this time isn’t good.”

In a tweet on May 24, Cllr Strutton said: “I have 2 say in general agreement with MP Steve Baker over Mr Cummings! He at least needs to make serious steps to make it clear he has stretched the rules here! But the members of the press need to also be seen to follow Social Distancing rules when out & about, Face-masks/gloves”