A fascinating website shows exactly where bombs fell over Slough between 1940 and 1945. 

The project reveals exactly where and when the bombs fell, whether it was friendly fire, flying bombs or German air raids that led to it, and what was damaged. 

While many may think that being outside of London meant Slough was not affected by bombs, that was not the case.


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The records show there were deaths, unexploded bombs and damaged houses right here on Slough streets.  

We have picked out some of the incidents below, but you can view the full interactive map by clicking here. 

Junction of Buckingham Avenue & Farnham Road - Unexploded anti-aircraft shell removed. Occurred overnight on October 15-16, 1940.

Slough Trading Estate - Damage to factory and casualties. August 8, 1942. 

Cippenham Green - Homes damaged and casualties as a result of flying bombs. Occurred on August 23, 1944.

Langley Road and Ryvers Farm - Homes were damaged during an air raid on September 27, 1940.

Colnbrook Baptist Chapel - The Chapel's glass was broken during an air raid on August 13, 1944.

Francis Way, Cippenham - Anti-aircraft shells damaged homes on February 23, 1944.

Dorney Sewage Beds - German air raids overnight on November 1-2, 1940 damaged cottages, windows and stables.

Stoke Poges Lane - Anti-aircraft shells damaged properties on August 25, 1942. This was a case of friendly fire.

Shaggy Calf Lane - Homes were damaged and a gas main was broken, leading to fires, on October 2, 1940.

Farnham Road - An unexploded bomb north of the power station was detonated between November 8-10, 1940. This caused damage to both houses and shops.

Willoughby Road, Langley - A balloon descended onto a house overnight on October 14-15, 1940.

Upton Lea - Casualties and injuries occurred and severe damage was caused to Upton Lea during a German air raid overnight on September 28, 1940.

Riding Court Farm - Livestock were killed and houses were damaged during an air raid on September 9, 1940.

Datchet Polo Ground - Minor damage to houses and shops close to the polo ground was caused during Blitz raids between October 26-28, 1940. 

Datchet Common - A water main was damaged during a raid overnight on September 30 - October 1, 1940.