HOSPITAL bosses have been sending out letters to children of frontline workers thanking them for supporting their parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jen Daines, who works for Wokingham Borough Council’s adult social care team, told the News she had “tears in her eyes” when she read the letter describing her husband Jez, a physiotherapist who has been working at Frimley Park hospital during the crisis, as a “complete legend”.

Three copies of the letter were sent from Frimley Health NHS to each of the couple’s children.

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It read: “We want to say a massive thank you for being part of the Frimley Health Team.

“You may not realise it but your parent is a complete legend and we want to tell you why.

“Your dad is working so hard to ensure we can help and save as many people as possible.

Slough Observer:

“You are also a really important part of the Frimley Health team. Your love and support and understanding is helping them get through a really difficult and challenging time at work.

“We’ve got lots of busy times ahead of us but [we] know we can get through this because we’ve got brilliant team members like you and your dad.”

Jen told the News her nine-year-old daughter Suzie read the letter before saying “I am really proud of Dad.”

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Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust runs three hospitals: Frimley Park near Camberley, Wexham Park in Slough and Heatherwood in Ascot.

It also runs outpatient clinics and diagnostic services in Windsor, Maidenhead and Bracknell.

Jen said: “My children have been really stoic about my husband working at the hospital although we have purposely avoided too much talk about the worries at home.

“I know they are all really proud of both my husband and I helping people.

“This letter genuinely brought tears to my eyes for the kids to have something to keep to remember their dad helped at this time.

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“Going to an almost deserted school knowing your friends are still at home has been tough for them but they have been fantastic.

“I am very proud of them and their school. We will definitely be keeping these letters as a bit of history.”