HUGE queues of MPs intending to vote at the Commons have been branded a “farce” by Slough’s MP.

The UK government forced MPs to attend in person at the Commons if they wish to participate at today’s vote after scrapping the hybrid system – which allowed parliamentarians to either attend in person or via Zoom.

Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed the ability to scrutinise had been diminished by the hybrid system and insisted MPs must come back to the Commons if they wish to participate.

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The long line was called an ‘absolute farce’ by Slough MP Tan Dhesi who took to Twitter to criticise the government for not implementing or allowing online voting.

He also said this move has made the UK an ‘international laughing stock’ and questioned if the government had ‘lost its marbles’.

The Labour politician said: “Absolute farce! Mile long congo of MPs queuing to vote, because Govt can’t do sensible thing and vote online.

“This inept Govt, having made UK a classic case study of how not to deal with a pandemic, has now completely lost its marbles and made us an international laughing stock.”

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The Conservative Windsor MP, Adam Afriyie, also took to Twitter suggesting online voting would be a sensible idea for a short time.

He said: “Mmm. Took decision to press the emergency stop button on the escalator as MPs were being rapidly conveyed into breaching social distancing in PCH during 1st division. Teething troubles, but maybe electronic voting a sensible idea for next few weeks.”