CONTROVERSIAL plans to add a dozen homes on top of a supercar showroom have been given the go-ahead by planning bosses.

Developers will be allowed to build the twelve one-bed apartments on top of SuperSpeed garage at Thames House in Stoke Poges.#

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This comes despite concerns from residents about the lighting issues the new flats could cause neighbours.

Emily Mitchell, who lives at Thomas House next-door, told the South Buckinghamshire planning committee residents at the building already had problems with lighting.

She said: “To work in our kitchen we have to turn our lights on whatever time of the day it is.

Slough Observer:

“The bathrooms have no windows, our hallways have no light.

“No thought has been given to the interest and wellbeing of the residents of Thomas House.

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“As we have learned from the pandemic, sufficient natural light is vital.”

She urged the council’s planning bosses to check the lighting levels before a decision was made on the plan after slamming the applicants for not reaching out to Thomas House residents.

But a Buckinghamshire Council officer said there was no need for a light survey as the proposed building does not rise above the adjacent windows at Thomas House.

Slough Observer:

Five of the twelve new homes will be market-rate affordable and twelve car parking spaces will be provided for residents.

Despite concerns from fifteen residents submitting objections to the council before the planning committee was held, officers recommended the plans go ahead as the new designs “would make an effective and efficient use of the existing site.”

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Councillor David Anthony agreed with this assessment, saying: “This site has been an eyesore in Stoke Poges for as long as I can remember.

“It used to be a filling station years ago and since then various things have gone on. It’s always been an eyesore.

“I am encouraged to see a coherent planning application. We’re never going to get anything perfect in our semi-rural location, but there are many encouraging aspects of this.

“I understand it creates some difficulties for Thomas House but it creates a considerable amount of additional housing and affordable housing.”

Following Cllr Anthony’s verdict, councillors voted unanimously to approve the planning application at a virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 9.

The existing supercar showroom will be demolished and a new one will be added to the bottom floor of the new three-storey building.