Saturday will see pubs and bars open across the Royal Borough - but it will not be business as usual.

The Duchess of Cambridge pub in Thames Street, Windsor will provide a fairly typical picture of what going for a drink is going to be like for some time to come.

There will be no bar service, drinks only being served to tables.

There will be hand sanitisers that people will be expected to use on entry and a QI to be scanned on smart phones - or a card to be filled in, as a way of identifying customers.

The menu will be limited as less chefs will be working.

Matt Cotter, operations manager for McMullens Brewery which owns the bar, said: "It will be operating at about 70 per cent capacity."

Similar changes are expected at most pubs and bars but people should check individual web pages for details of opening times which will vary.

The Old Court Art Centre in St Leonard's Road will be opening its bar again - although live performances remain banned at the venue.

Instead the auditorium usually used for shows will be opened up as a bar extension to enable customers to remain socially distanced. It could play an important role in keeping the art centre alive.

The art centre's director Martin Denny said: "We need to generate some income as quickly as we can. The Arts Council has helped us economically. When you have zero income and costs to meet any support like that is helpful. We hope to start live performances again as soon as we can.

"It has been a tough challenge. We are doing everything we can to make sure people get their community arts centre back."

Restaurants are reopening, many with less tables and reduced capacity.

The demand for deep cleaning at local eateries in the Royal Borough is keeping Maidenhead based company Ultraquick busy. The company based in Grenfell Road is using a fogging system called AquaTeck which uses an electrolysed water system to harness a fine misting technique that provides chemical free cleaning in a post-lockdown world.