A cheeky practical joke last night as pubs got ready to reopen has turned lorry driver David Shaw into a major talking point - much to his surprise.

Langley man David, 44, pitched a tent outside the Moon and Spoon pub in Slough High Street yesterday evening about 6pm - 14 hours before the pub was due to reopen and put it on his Facebook page with the message 'bedding down for the night'.

He then packed the tent back in the car and went home to spend a comfortable night in bed.

This morning David was first in the door when the pub opened at 8am - he admits 'I like to be first'. But he certainly had not spent the night outside in a tent.

To his amazement he started getting texts from friends.

He said: "They said things like 'you are a legend, you have gone viral'."I thought 'what the hell'.

"People thought I really had camped all night outside and did not realise it was a joke.

"I had remembered stories about people queueing all night for things like a Star Wars film and thought it would be funny to use the kids' tent to pretend I was going to do that."

In fact queueing would not have been necessary anyway. David was the only customer when he arrived - an hour later he commented 'it's quite quiet really'.