An angry cyclist says she encountered heavy handedness and aggression from security staff when her ladies cycling team tried to use the official bridlepath at Dorney Lake recently closed by Eton College.

Charlotte Parker was with a small team of six from the women’s cycling group she belongs to who had planned a ride from Bray to the lake in Court Lane, Dorney - which once housed the Olympic rowing events and is owned by the college.

The site includes an official and much used Sustrans cycling route. But appalling behaviour during lockdown by drunken louts who had started congregating there led to the college decision to close the whole site off after Eton College bursar Janet Walker met with police and local councillors.

Ms Parker, 49, of Brockenhurst Road, Bracknell, says that she fully understands the reason why it was closed off but thought a small team of lady cyclists might be allowed through at the time.

She was shocked on Friday morning to find a big barrier and road closed sign.

She said: “I went up to the security man and said ‘this is a public right of way. We would like to use it’. He just said ‘the road is closed, go away’ and put the barrier right in front of my bike.

“I wanted to establish a connection and say I totally understood why they had had to take action they did but this was a right of way. Had a temporary closure notice been applied for?

“He just said ‘we are Eton College and it is closed’.

“I pointed out the bridleway notice and he just said ‘that’s coming down’.

“He was right in front of me and seemed so wound up. He threatened to call the police.”

Ms Parker, who has lived in Bracknell 30 years said: “Eton College are managing the situation very badly.

“I asked Eton College to update me regarding the legal details of the closure a week ago when I found another route with barriers across. Eton College have not responded.

“I have offered to help to find a solution and they have not engaged.”

No-one was contactable at the college for a comment.