Meet Kara, a deaf kitten who wobbles as she walks.

With help from Battersea Old Windsor Cattery’s dedicated staff and volunteers she has overcomed all obstacles to find a loving home

Now five months old, the unusual young cat was born in the home of a Battersea foster carer, after her heavily pregnant mum Clementine was brought to the cattery at Priest Hill in February.

It was only a few days after her birth that Kara’s carers first noticed there was something a little bit different about her, including the way she moved and an adorable yet odd habit of walking backwards when she was startled or confused.

The tiny tortoiseshell was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, an incurable neurological condition that causes her head and body to involuntarily twitch. After close monitoring over several weeks, Kara’s foster carers and vets started to suspect she might also be deaf. Despite her conditions, Kara is in no pain and vets expect her to live a full, happy life.


Georgia Randall, team leader at Battersea’s Old Windsor Cattery, said; “All of the cats we see here at Battersea are wonderful in their own unique ways, but there is something extra special about cats like Kara.

"As anyone who has met her will tell you, she’s taken everything in her stride and has become a little livewire that loves to play all day, every day. It’s truly a joy to see and I know she’s going to be an amazing addition to her new family.

“Watching her defy the odds and exceed our expectations for such a young cat with her health limitations, truly proves that even the smallest of underdogs can be top cats.”

The admirable young cat departed Battersea earlier this week to start her new life in Berkshire. Her mum and siblings have also found new homes.

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