Community minded young people who got tested for the Coronavirus at Slough are urging others to follow their example and be 'part of the solution'.

Members of the town’s youth charity Aik Saath went to be tested at the centre in Montem Lane Car Park, as part of the #OneSlough project - a grass roots campaign aiming to increase awareness among Slough’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities of how they can keep themselves and others safe from Covid-19.

The BAME community is generally at a higher risk of catching and suffering poorer outcomes from the virus.

The centre is both a drive-in and walk-in facility, meaning people can come by car with up to four people, or by foot so long as they have a facial covering.

Aida Ahmed, 17, from Slough, is asthmatic and walked in for her test.

The former Slough & Eton College student said: “My mum is a key worker at a nursing home so she had to be tested quite a lot. She came back negative and because of my asthma I decided to get tested too.

“It’s important because it gives you the reassurance of knowing either way while protecting family members who may be vulnerable themselves.”

Abdul Khawaja, 24, from Slough, drove into the facility and said the whole testing process 'took no longer than 15 minutes'.

He said: “If you’ve got symptoms and don’t want to get tested, you’re being part of the problem rather than the solution.

“Everything is so readily available there. I was told to drive into a bay and they dropped a package into my passenger side window. I was happy to swab myself, but if you can’t someone will come and assist you.”

Seema Kamboj, project manager at community group Apna Virsa, which is delivering #OneSlough at ground level with Slough CVS, said: “The Aik Saath youngsters are great role models for the community."

Currently there is capacity to see people immediately without booking at the Slough testing centre. If you still wish to book you can do so by calling 119 or visiting