A Maidenhead man has been banned from the road after being convicted of 'drug driving'.

Choudrey Rasool, 23, of Gloucester Road, Maidenhead, was convicted at Reading Magistrates Court on Saturday.

He had been approached in his vehicle by officers on foot patrol on December 8 and was found to be in possession of cannabis. A roadside drugs wipe displayed a positive reading for cannabis and Rasool was arrested.

He was found to have been three times over the legal limit for cannabis.

Rasool was disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for 12 months after pleading guilty to one count of driving a motor vehicle with a proportion of a specified drug above the specified limit.

Investigating officer PC Luke Jenkins, based at Maidenhead police station, said: “Rasool was clearly impaired by the drug in his system, he appeared as though he was falling asleep and was in an unfit condition to drive. The disqualification of this driver will prevent him from presenting a further danger to road users.”

Sergeant Ryan Powell, of the Neighbourhood Problem Solving team, said: “Officers from each frontline team in Windsor and Maidenhead have been given special training in drug recognition, impairment testing and use of approved roadside drug-wipe devices.

“Over the coming months, the results of increased detection methods will be felt by way of impending prosecutions and disqualifications from driving. The message is clear: if you use drugs and drive, you will be caught and you will be prosecuted.”

*A fortnight-long campaign targeting dangerous drink and drug drivers is currently taking place across the Thames Valley and Hampshire. Find out more here: https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/news/thames-valley/news/2020/july/27-07-2020/campaign-targeting-drink-and-drug-drivers--thames-valley/