Lockdown and social distancing have brought about some imaginative innovations - including the 'jumble trail'.

Now a dedicated fund raiser is hoping that her own 'Windsor Womble Jumble Trail' will help raise money to improve the lives of people living thousands of miles away in a small village in Kenya.

Kate Hughes, 44, of St Leonard's Road, Windsor heard about jumble trails from a friend and immediately thought of the village of Kyangala she visited two years ago with supporters of the Kyangala Trust charity.

They helped the poverty stricken residents to build a waiting area in their health centre, an incinerator and to establish a 'chicken co-operative' to help them produce food.

Now Kate - who used to work as criminal solicitor but is now a meditation and mindfulness coach - says that although a return visit is impossible at the moment, she hopes organising a jumble trail could raise money to send out there.

She said: "A jumble trail involves following a trail from one person's house to another.

"People sell from their front gardens where social distancing can be maintained. I am charging £10 for anyone who follows the trail I set up - the people selling in their gardens get to keep the money but everything I make from it will go to the Kyangala Trust.

"£10 can feed a family for two months out there."

Her trail will be spread around Windsor and as far as Datchet - with homes involved sporting purple balloons so everyone knows that they have arrived at the right place.

The event will happen on Saturday, August 15 between 11am and 3pm.

To take part visit Kate's 'Windsor Womble Jumble Trail' on Facebook for more details.