A dedicated family whose Costcutter store helped the people in their village get through lockdown has won the 'hero of Iver' award - presented personally by their MP.

The Khan family runs the store in Bathurst Walk, Richings Park at Iver.

The joint award to the family and its staff was presented to Adeel Khan by Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrissey alongside a number of local councillors.

Richings Park Residents Association posted its congratulations online, citing the store’s 'tireless service to the community'.

Adeel Khan said: “We are really delighted to receive the award from the local community, it has made all of the challenges faced over the past six months well worth it.

“My family has run the Costcutter store in Richings Park for nearly 20 years and we have always done our best to support our great community.

“During the COVID-19 crisis we were particularly focused on supporting our elderly and vulnerable customers, many of whom were shielding.

"We started a home delivery service at the very beginning of lockdown to cater to their needs."

Demand for the service was so great that initially the shop was overwhelmed. But soon it became a community effort, with volunteers from Richings Park Village Action Group and the parish council joining in to help.

An emergency foodbank was started with Costcutter becoming a crucial dropping off point for donations. The shop also made special arrangements to make sure NHS key workers got supplies they needed after working long shifts.

Adeel said: “My father Malik Khan along with my Uncles Muzammal and Manawar have operated the store since 2001. Just before lockdown Malik was abroad visiting our family in Kashmir, unable to return due to the suspension of flights and closed borders.

"He was extremely proud on receiving this great news and has now returned to congratulations from all members of the community. The COVID-19 pandemic really tested everyone to their limits, it is great to see the strength of the community on supporting each other in times of great hardship.”