New measures to target unacceptably high levels of burglary in the Royal Borough are planned by police says the officer in charge of controlling crime in the area.

Windsor and Maidenhead's temporary Superintendent Mick Greenwood brought councillors up to date at virtual meeting held on Thursday last week.

Much of the news was good - with crime down overall by 13 per cent across the borough, knife crime down by 41 per cent, robberies down by 35 per cent - but burglaries only fell by three per cent.

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Superintendent Greenwood told councillors: "Burglaries are not where we would like them to be and prove a significant challenge."

He said plans were being prepared to target specific areas worse affected, flooding them with officers in a bid to get numbers down.

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Another new initiative announced by Superintendent Greenwood will be launched on Monday, September 14 and is aimed at easing the problem of aggressive begging in Windsor and Maidenhead.

He said: "Historically there has been an issue of street homelessness and aggressive begging - particularly in Windsor but in Maidenhead as well."

The new initiative is designed like a traffic light system he said with warnings being given, then a caution and finally prosecution if that failed.

He said: "Clearly if someone is committing offences and needs arresting they will be arrested but this is about giving them the opportunity to change their ways."