‘Drifter’ the horse got himself in deep water 35 years ago, when he decided that a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Langley Canal was not for him.

He broke free from his owner, 16-year-old Karen Barton, turned around and fell into the water adjacent to the industrial estate.

But nearby workers came to the rescue and phoned the fire brigade, who managed to put a rope around him and pull him out.

A relieved Karen told the Observer: “Drifter started messing about as I was riding him, so I got off and walked him along, then he fell in, they had a fire engine on both sides of the canal.”

Observer readers were being asked to keep an ‘eagle-eye out’ for a lost bird in 1985, after an appeal was published in the paper for the safe return of valuable pet Goshawk.

Fulmer owner, Christopher Elvidege, lost his pride and joy during a hunting trip near the village, even though he spotted it in a tree nearby, he lost it, despite camping out under the stars for the next night.

The hawk was later spotted in the Langley area, but its owner Christopher, warned the public to not approach the bird, as it was untrained and could attack out of fright.

When disabled Venture Scout, Peter Hill, completed the London Marathon he left before receiving his free Mars bar at the finish line.

After hearing of this ‘error’ the External Relations Manager, Derek Patterson, invited Peter to tour the Slough Trading Estate factory where he finally received his free bar.

The nineteen-year-old admitted to the Observer that he was “too excited” when he crossed the line and forgot to pick up his ‘confectionary.’

Visitors to St. Laurence’s Church, Slough were transported back in time to the atmosphere and sights of a Medieval Fayre in 1985, with a large percentage of the crowds joining in and arriving in costumes themselves.

Around 800 people passed through the church gates during the day, where they tried their hands at brass rubbing and learnt about the history of the Norman church from the tours and exhibitions.

The Rev, Graham Hendy described the fayre as a great success: “We have raised over £1,400 for the church fund, and this is only our third year of putting on a fayre.”

A very special piano, found in the back of a clothes shop in Windsor High Street, was taking centre stage at the Windsor Festival Fringe 35 years ago.

The keyboard, an 1835 Broadwood Cabinet, was found by music expert Derek McCulloch and accompanied local clarinettist, Nicholas Cox from Datchet when he played at the fringe recital with pianist Vanessa Latarche.

ICI Autocolour, based in Slough, was sponsoring a Subaru Group A rally car in the first motorsport rally to be held in China since 1907.

The car, driven by Dave Sherwood and Tony Fowkes, would be driving 3,500 miles across the country, competing against 80 other entrants, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph.