DIESEL fuelled waste trucks could be a thing of the past as Slough Borough Council trials a ‘state of the art’ electric bin lorry this week.

The battery operated waste collection vehicle – which produces zero emissions – will be picking up bins in Chalvey and Cippenham for the rest of the week to showcase the technology to the council.

Those areas were chosen for this trial to test how it copes in ‘tight urban areas’.

The British manufactured and built Dennis Eagle eCollect refuse lorry would only need to be charged every other day to complete rounds in the borough.

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The vehicle was showcased to councillor Rob Anderson, lead member for transport and environmental services, and Richard West, interim director of place and development where they were told the electric waste trucks are so quiet that residents won’t be able to ‘hear it arrive’.

Cllr Anderson was taken for a test drive and said: “It was a very smooth ride, very quiet and very similar to a traditional refuse vehicle, just electric.

“We have the intention to replace all of our fossil fuel vehicles by 2027 at the latest and we are out there already looking at alternatively fuelled vehicles so we are in the right place when vehicles from our existing fleet reach the end of their life and need replacing.

“It will be seen in Chalvey and Cippenham and over the next few days which is a perfect place for the electric vehicle to be tested in tight urban areas, where it will be quieter and healthier for residents and crews alike.”

Slough Observer:

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Nigel Jakubowski, fleet and plant compliance manager, said: “Lots of councils are really interested in these vehicles with a long waiting list for staff and councillors to get a good look at them.  We have been really fortunate to get them working on Slough’s roads as we investigate the suitability of the alternatively fuelled vehicles.”

The council recommends bins should be placed outside a resident’s property by 6am on their designated collection day.