A ROW has been sparked between Slough Borough Council (SBC) and a parish councillor after his steel beams and metal fencing mysteriously vanished.

The chairman of Wexham Court Parish Council, Iftakhar Ahmed, has hit out at the council after his three steel beams and fencing mysteriously vanished after enforcement officers cleared litter following anti-social behaviour behind his property.

Mr Ahmed was using the steel beams – one was 6m long and the other two 3m long – and materials for rear extension works on his property on Merton Road and had left the materials on a piece of land on Hatfield Road – which backs onto the detached house.

On September 16, SBC’s neighbourhood enforcement team were clearing the council-owned land, which has attracted anti-social behaviour, of litter after a man was found sleeping in his car there.

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They placed a soil bund to prevent vehicles parking on the land again.

The parish councillor told the Observer the steel beams and fencing were there – but soon discovered that they had vanished after the team’s clearance operation and alleges they may have moved it or buried under the bund.

He has been in contact with the neighbourhood enforcement team, asking where his beams are – but the council denies any knowledge of their whereabouts.

The parish councillor said: “I am certain they [SBC] deliberately moved it [the beams] where they were which was close to rear gates or if they didn’t remove it from the site, they put the beams under the soil bunds.”

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He added: “My intention is not to prosecute anybody. My intention is to resolve a problem and what I want is where did the beams go?”

Slough Observer:

An SBC spokesperson denies the council and the enforcement team removed or buried Mr Ahmed’s materials and have no knowledge where they could be.

The spokesperson said the materials were left alone during the operation despite having the power to remove these items as they were on council-owned land.

They added the council would’ve needed heavy lifting equipment in order to move the steel beams – which the council didn’t have on site.

SBC’s spokesperson said: “These things are gargantuan, they’re really heavy, and we refute entirely that we had anything to do it with them going missing.”

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They added the team knocked on nearby neighbours’ doors, even on Mr Ahmed’s house in Merton Road, and asked if they knew who the materials belonged to, but the people contacted didn’t know.

Mr Ahmed also claims SBC won’t release nearby Hatfield car park CCTV footage to him or the police to see what happened to the beams and fencing.

Slough Observer:

The Observer was told members of the public are not allowed access to the CCTV systems or footage and the police have not contacted the council.

The police have been contacted and they gave the parish councillor a crime reference number.

The SBC spokesperson added: “We’re quite happy to co-operate – but we don’t have a clue what happened to Mr Ahmed’s beams.”