A spate of gold jewellery thefts from homes across Berkshire has sparked police concerns.

Thames Valley Police has issued a warning to residents following an "increase in reported thefts of high value and gold jewellery" across the Thames Valley area.

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Police said the gold will often be melted for cash or sold on.

Advise has been issued to residents who own gold jewellery at home.

A message posted by police said: "There has been an increase in reported thefts of high value and gold jewellery from residential properties across the Thames Valley area.

"Residents can help avoid giving burglars the opportunity to steal their jewellery by following these crime prevention tips"

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Here's what you can do:

  • Try not to keep your high value jewellery at home. Consider using a bank safety deposit box.
  • If you have to keep your jewellery at home, check that your home insurance covers these items.
  • Invest in a home safe suitable for protecting your jewellery. Your insurance company may be able to provide advice as to which type and grade of safe best suits your needs.
  • Photograph and keep an inventory of your jewellery. Place your jewellery against a plain background with a ruler next to it to give an idea of size.
  • The inventory can be done in a paper version or online with companies such as Immobilise. For more information go to www.immobilise.com include identifying marks, value, and purchase date.
  • Make sure your home is secure at all times, that all doors and windows are locked and use timers that switch lights on when going out. Please do not post on social media that you are away from your home.
  • Set your house alarm if you have one and consider purchasing a video doorbell or CCTV system.
  • As with other valuables, do not leave any jewellery on display or post images on social media.
  • Use forensic marking to identify your jewellery. Information on forensic marking can be found on www.securedbydesign.com