The new three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions have been introduced across the country. 

The majority of the country currently sits in the lowest of the three tiers, medium. 

Extra restrictions have been placed in a number of cities across the Midlands and the North, with Liverpool currently the only area under the most severe restrictions.


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What do these rule changes mean for Slough residents? We've compiled a list of what you can and cannot do under the new restrictions.

We've looked at official Government guidance and put together what you can and cannot do under these new restrictions.

Household rules have not been toughened yet, given that Slough remains in the lowest tier of restrictions. Limits are still in place, meaning that you cannot meet in a group of more than six, indoors or outdoors.

Pubs and restaurants are still allowed to open under Tier 1, but will still require to serve customers by using table-service and close at 10pm. Staff will also need to wear face coverings whilst moving inside the premises.

A fine of up to £10,000, prosecution or even closures will hit businesses who do not comply.

Weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and receptions can still take place in Covid-secure venues or in public outdoor areas. Limits on the numbers of guests allowed remains at 15.

Receptions aren't allowed to take place in private dwellings and should be sit down meals to ensure people can effectively distance.

Funerals must only take place in COVID-secure venues or in public outdoor spaces with up to 30 people in attendance.

Wakes and other commemorative events are permitted with up to 15 people present.

People are still not allowed to visit loved ones in care homes, unless dispensation is given to those visiting loved ones at the end of their lives.