An amazing spray that eliminates viruses such a Covid-19 for up to 90 days is being used to keep pupils safe at Windsor's St Edwards Royal Free Ecumenical School.

The school in Parsonage Lane employed a Lincolnshire company called VerySafe UK today to spray tables, chairs and door handles in the school, as well as toilets, changing rooms, the school hall, gym, drama studio - even the mini-bus.

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The long term nano-coating used forms an invisible layer of 'nano spikes' which penetrate and destroy microbial cell membranes - eliminating bacteria and viruses mechanically instead of chemically.

It is water based; without elements that can lead to allergies or asthma.

Headteacher Nina Adamson said: "The school plans to renew the coating every 90 days as part of its ongoing commitment to keeping school safe and open, with VerySafe carrying out site visits to test the effectiveness of the technology."

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The school held its annual Celebration Day on Thursday last week, which commemorates the foundation of the Royal Free School with a church service.

A handful of pupils attended the service at St Edward’s Catholic Church on Alma Road. Most pupils stayed in school and watched via live stream from the church.

Usually, after lunch on harvest festival day the school holds fundraising activities. Again due to the restrictions in place this could not go ahead.

Mrs Adamson said: "We know that the pupils were disappointed as this is a really fun event and is enjoyed by everyone. Instead, they held a mufti day and asking for a £1 contribution to support CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development). We have supported CAFOD for a number of years."

Food parcels were also donated to the Alms Houses, King George VI Day Centre and the Windsor Food Bank.